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How to build a brilliant blog

24th Jan '16

If your business doesn’t already have a blog, there’s a high chance you’re considering it.

Blogging has hit a real peak in popularity and everyone seems to have one these days – from teens talking about the latest trends to big businesses using them as powerful tools to boost their brand.

It’s slightly mind-boggling to know that a new blog is created online around every half a second. Estimates suggest there are at least 152 million blogs already out there, with millions of new posts being created each day. That’s a lot of content and a lot of potential for clicks, leads and sales.

Insight into how we humans interact with blogs has found that most people read more than one blog a day, with the majority preferring to dip into a blog first thing in the morning, and sharing peaking at 7am.

And there’s no denying that a great blog can be great for business. According to Hubspot, businesses that blog at least 20 times per month generate five times more traffic that those that blog less that four times per month.

So if you don’t have a blog yet, but think you should, here are the three simple yet essential questions we believe every business should think about before launching a blog.

The three questions to ask before you launch a blog

WHY should we have a blog?

Every good business move should always start with a why?

Creating a blog and keeping it going with regular, useful and interesting content is going to take investment – of time and money. You need to know you’re going to get something back from that.

A great blog can boost your profile, help you engage with your customers, help you find new clients and set you apart within your sector. If you’ve got the resources to do it well and a blog fits your customer profile, then go for it.

If you’re adding a blog because everyone else has one, or you’re not sure if it’s even right for you, maybe don’t. Invest your time and resources in a different way that will deliver better results for you.

HOW do we do it?

There’s no point having a blog unless it’s a great blog. People simply aren’t going to read it. There are millions of other blogs out there and thousands talking about the same kind of stuff as you. Your blog needs to be the best it can be.

Find out as much as you can about blogging before you start. There’s a wealth of information available online about how to create a great blog – from which platform to choose to how best to present your info.

These three sites are a great starting point:

How to start a blog – the beginners guide to successful blogging

25 blogging tips for newbies and veterans

Copy Blogger – how to write killer online content

If you know a blog could be great for your businesses but don’t have the capacity to run it yourself, think about outsourcing it to an agency or professional blogger to do it for you. That means you still get to set the direction of the blog and decide on the content, but someone else does the writing and makes it look great.

WHAT should we include?

Great content. That is all.

Your content should be really useful, relevant and readable. It needs to make each visitor want to stay on the page and come back for more.

Google keeps track of how long someone spends on your post until they click the back button and this will influence how high your post will rank on Google in the future for different keyword phrases.

Understand who your target audience is and shape your blog content with that in mind; in the words and images you choose and the way you present it.

Talk to people in their language, give readers something they can use and make it enjoyable.

Our top tips for creating great blog content

  • Keep your paragraphs short and interesting.
  • Use headers, lists or bullets to break up your text and keep it fresh. This kind of formatting also enables readers to scan.
  • Use a font size between 14 and 18 points, simply because it is easier to read.
  • Use black text on a white background for the main body of your blog. You can get creative with colours elsewhere on the page.
  • Use high quality images that fit with your brand. Include infographics if they are relevant – they’ll help the reader understand your information and are also really shareable.
  • Make sure each post has the kind of interesting title that’s going to draw people in.
If you’re thinking about blogging for your business, Blue Rock can help you with everything from building your blog to search engine optimisation, as well as copywriting and making it look great. Contact Blue Rock Marketing Consultancy.


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